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It's Not Gay for a Man to Love Another Man if the Other Man is Jesus

starring Buck -N- Fitch

On the surface, Buck -N- Fitch seem like every other macho, God-fearing, America-loving, homophobic country music act.  But there are secret urges bubbling below the surface that come out in their music, as is seen in this short film of them performing on Die Fluffy Vogel Schau.


In November 2014, the film made its Hollywood theatrical debut, followed by a February 2015 screening at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles (alongside other puppet films and performances by such noted comedic and puppet talents as Kate Micucci, Victor Yerrid and Tim Lagasse) and a very successful screening at the Tenth Avenue Theatre in San Diego in March.  In December 2015, it will make its New York City theatrical premiere at the Antholgy Film Archives Courthouse Theatre.

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