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Films (and more)...

No Bongo Ting Kwa Kwa

This is one of our most successful films-- it has screened at Brooklyn Academy of Music, REDCAT in Los Angeles, Puppetzilla Puppet Slam and the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival...


Radical Cram School!

The Evil Cat crew built and performed the puppets for Kristina Wong's politically charged kids series.  Episode 1 can be watched in the window to the right>>>

And here are some more episodes:



The Partridge Enemy

Hardcore punk, sci fi movie scores, hip hop and bubblegum pop violently collide with images of puppets invading Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece Metropolis:  This music video must be played at top volume if you want to make the neighbors REALLY angry.  

Hollywood Premiere at the world famous EGYPTIAN THEATRE on July 14, 2016-- pi-yow!!


ADT  sneak peak...

Here's a quick peak at the work we did on Attention Defecit Theater (with Jaime King) for the CW Network...


Shilo Kloko


From 2017-2018, Evil Cat Puppets produced a live theatrical show that combined Puppets, Music, Animation and Butoh performance.  This is a brief video promoting our Hollywood Fringe shows at the Hudson Theatre,

Buck & Fitch

From the first episode of our series Die Fluffy Vogel Schau, here is everyone's favorite conservative christian country music duo singing their chart topping hit "It's Not Gay for a Man to Love Another Man if the Other Man Is Jesus".

new filmmakers laurels 2015.png

Me Love to Drive on the Sidewalk

Sometimes driving on the road is just not good enough.  Sometimes you just gotta take it to the sidewalk...


Echo of the Ghetto

A bit more serious than our usual stuff, based on the Detroit Illharmonic Symphony's sonic interpretation of the South Bronx during the Decade of Fire...


Santa's Got a Brand New Cadillac

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