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Walter Santucci

"Fantome of the Opera"MTG 2017 proposal (phase 2)

Giant LED Screen Option...

I am proposing to create a music film that mashes original animation and puppet footage with the classic public domain live action films "Phantom of the Opera" (1924) and "Nosferatu" (1922).


Ideally the film would play on a giant LED screen on one of the main stages, providing entertainment between bands and DJs.  We also have several other films (already completed) that could play between different bands if needed.

If we go this route, the screen would be able to show live performance video of the bands as they play, increasing the spectacle onstage.  Informational and promotional video and images for the Festival could also be projected between performances.

Tent Option...

If the LED screen on the main stage is not a viable option, we can present the film as an art installation inside a specially constructed tent designed as a traveling carnival/opera show (fitting with the Phantom of the Opera theme).

This can be done with on a large video monitor or a rear projection unit.


here are some samples images of how the final film will look... 


I have been making animation and puppet films for over 15 years and have vast experience mixing animation with live action and other media.  My films have screened at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Egyptian Theatre/American Cinematheque (Hollywood), the REDCAT, Hammer Museum, Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco), Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego) and many other major venues.  I have also done public video installations of my work, most recently this March at the Mutmuz Gallery in Los Angeles and the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz.

here are images of a similar outdoor installation we did last year in San Diego...

a montage of my previous animation and puppet work...

trailer for a film I made in 2016 that is similar to what I am proposing for MTG 2017, merging original animation and puppet footage with Fritz Lang's 1927 film "Metropolis".


The music will be these two tracks by Detroit Illharmonic (who have granted rights for this project):

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