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Long time since our last update...

Since the last time we updated, Evil Cat Puppets have had screenings in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Austin. And on March 12, the CW series "Attention Deficit Theater" debuted featuring our puppets.

"ADT" is a sketch comedy series produced by John Montgomery and Sarah Michelle Gellar and stars Jaime King (with guest bits by legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis) and Evil Cat created several animated and puppet scenes for the entire first season.

This week (March 18 and 19) our film "Everybody's Got to Cool Out" will play at SXSW in Austin. And on the 20th "High Praise for the Biz" will play in San Pedro, CA as part of the always awesome "Nite at the Puppet Asylum". Pi-yow~!

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