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work by students...

the work below was done by students I taught at Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles, Otis College of Art and Design and RTG Animation Academy (Kolkata, India)

"Old Man and the Pears" by Sun Jing (CSULA)

Multiple award winning student film (including CSU Media Fest 2016).  I was an advisor to Jing as she developed and animated the film.

Attention Deficit Theater show opens

In 2015 I hired several current and former Cal State Los Angeles students to create animated opening title sequences for a sketch comedy series on the CW Network (starring Jaime King, produced by Sarah Michelle Gellar)...

"Pi" by Eseraele Alemu (CSULA)

I guided Eseraele during his final semester as he developed and animated this thesis film.

"Flying Machine" group film RTG Academy (India)

I served as advisor to a large group of students who teamed up to create this 2D film using both traditional and digital techniques.  The students performed every job in the pipeline from concept through music and compositing.

"KEAO" by Lillian Tsui (CSULA)

Thesis film I guided and supervised from start to finish.

"Dream" by Shing Kit Ma (CSULA)

I assisted Shing through her final semester of working on this thesis film.

"Yew Moon" Lawrence McWilliams (CSULA)

One of 13 animated films I supervised the production of based on the poetry of British Author John Siddique.  This was for a special project in 2009/2010 at Cal State LA.

"Yew Moon" Sarah Ojeda-Kimbrough (CSULA)

Another film I supervised for the John Siddique.  project at Cal State LA.

"Steampunk Taxi" by Majid Ali (CSULA)

Animated homage to Looney Tunes that I guided from start to finish for graduating animation student.

ART 380, Cal State Los Angeles

Original scenes created by students studying 2D digital animation...

"Oak Moon" Daniel Spellman (CSULA)

One more animated student film from the John Siddique series.

"Rowan Moon" Travis Sheflin (CSULA)

And yet another from the John Siddique series.

"Walk Cycles" (CSULB)

A collection of walk cycles by an Intro to Animation class at CSULB (first class I taught at CSULB).

"Walk/Jump/Weight" (CSULB)

Examples of final assignments from Art 391 (Animation 1) where students create a short film featuring an advanced walk, a jump and an action showing the character dealing with weight.

"Dialog Animation" (CSULB)

A collection of short pieces of hand drawn animated characters speaking a line of dialog.  From Animation 1.

"Sack Animation" (CSULB)

From Art 391 (Animation 1), a collection of short films featuring a flour sack either dropping or doing a pantomime.

"Experimental Animation" (CSULB)

In Art 291 students create a short film (either in groups or alone) where they try out various animation techniques and approaches to content.

"Special Studies" (CSULB)

A short fully animated piece of character animation that was part of a project by Audrey Hopkins for Special Studies.

Basic Animations (Otis College)

In 2017 I taught an Intro to 2D Digital Animation class at Otis College of Art and Design.  These are bouncing ball, weight and exaggeration exercises from that class.

Rotoscoping (Otis College)

Students chose live action film clips and did creative rotoscoping over them.

Walk Cycles & Final Films (Otis College)

The Otis class was an intensive four week program and students had four days to complete walk cycles and four days to make final film projects.

ART 393 Character Design (CSULB)

Some examples of characters designed by students showing turnarounds and color renderings...

santa fin.jpg

Student Designs for NBC Holiday Special

In 2017 I hired a student from my Character Design class (Audrey Hopkins) to create design options for a Blake Shelton Holiday Special that NBC had in development.  She had done so well in the class I felt her work was professional quality and she did an excellent job.

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